Friday, November 07, 2008


No sound, but this is my latest work on WAR. I'm still working on some animations and all that, and for people, Using TGF 2 or not, using the method I'M using...


NEWAYZ here's the vid.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I've been working on ONE character lately.


My blog is updated frequently... so check up on it every now and then.

WAR update! (again...)

PHEW! What a relief! My friend fixed the AVI format player and I'm pumped! She's done it for one of her games and she got it working. THAT is like, SO awesome! Another thing I have to say is that the day of animating the character sprites, has come...(OH NO, OH CRAP.) I've made alot of progress with the menu screen, and it looks SOLID! However, I have one concern... SAVING THE GAME, AND LOADING IT.(So much for Solidity...) I haven't learned INI files thoroughly enough to ensure this option, And if I can't, Then I'll have to use the level password option.(That means I'll have sacrifice the Character bio feature as well though... :*[ ) But hey, my spirits are still high from working on this game, And it most likely will NOT become abandonware(like, a thousand OTHERS I've never finished...). I'll be back to update my progress soon, Possibly with a video.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

WAR update!

The past week or more has been all about WAR(and *hack hack* school)! I've now eight buttons- and probably more will be added... A couple more, likewise. NEWAYS...I got music and sounds for the game(added to credits)as well as transitions. You could say I'm off to a good start, If only it weren't for that Blasted AVI format player! I hate that thing. I've made a signature movie(using only Microsoft paint and JASC Paint shop pro) and it won't play the FUHRICKIN MOVIE!!! I've tried file converters: fail! windows movie maker: FAIL! And ANIMATION SHOP PRO: Really annoying, so FAIL! ARG! It's impossible!!! WHAT DOES IT NEED?!! WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO?!! Other than that misfortune that I MIGHT get around eventually... Work is comin' along great! Phenomenal, if exaggerated. Well... that's all I really have to say--- so far... L8R I guess. and KLIK ON THIS LINK PLEEZ!

Drawcula, Out.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

I need to get a header for my blog some time soon, Or I'll just be Text! I left don't know about FOREVER though) and I really wanted an account for Flickr, but Blogger's good enough. :( But hey... It's a win-win, give or take situation. I guess. : Anyways. I left Picturetrail(It was WAY too buggy! Other than that, It was a cool site.), and I will most likely post my pictures HERE on blogger. But if you want to see my Picturetrail account, then go to... L8R.

Drawcula Out.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

WAR vid

Here's the preview vid!

Hope U like it! If you don't, Whatever.

WAR pics

Yeah, the movie's comin'.

But in the mean time, here's some pics. I can't guarantee frequent updates. But sure enough I can guarantee updates.

Yours for many years more, Drawcula.